Drop Shipping and Customized Service

Drop Shipping Service and Customzied Service

1.SHINU recruits distributors and dropshipping sellers. At the begainning of the cooperation, we provide subsidy for 100 orders( 2$ for each order if you have 50 orders; 3$ for each order if you have 100 orders.) Target markets: United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, Italy, France. Spain, Poland. For details, please contact us by email: zz8002@zhanzhaoglasses.com whatapp: +8618058868135

2. We provide customized service. If your two eyes degree are different or you have higher degree,you can contact us for customized. For progressive multifocus reading glasses, we can do up from -3.00 to +3.00 and ADD from 0 to +3.00.If you need it, you can send us message about your data and we will check it for you. Handling time for customized glasses would be about 10 working days.

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